Every realization, no matter how big, involves preparing a lot of documents as well as contacting public institutions and authorities. Our service includes collecting all the relevant documents and conducting the necessary negotiations so that any formal aspects of your realization are executed as quickly as possible.


The architectural concept, the construction design, and as a result the detailed design are key elements which determine the realization’s cost and length. Our business partners are experienced design companies which meet the needs of every investor. Our supervision will allow you to optimize the costs and minimize the realization time. 


The execution stage is one of the most expensive and troublesome stages of project realization for investors. We will introduce you to contractors who will realize your project concept at the lowest cost. We will supervise the work progress, verify the construction costs and provide solutions for any emerging problems so that your project is realized without delays.

AG Inwestycje is a project management company whose aim is to provide investors with assistance in the preparation and execution of construction projects. We offer comprehensive assistance from the planning stage to the project’s realization, to the moment the building is transferred to the owner. AG Inwestycje specializes in the realization of industrial facilities, storage facilities and logistics centers. Several years of experience in project management for these types of structures means we can adequately prepare and successfully conduct any construction enterprise. Choosing AG Inwestycje you gain a reliable and experienced partner, able to quickly solve all your problems and willing to defend the investor’s interests. Our company is known for its professional attitude to work, responsibility and willingness to develop further cooperation with our partners. 

Industrial and storage facilities

- Production and storage hall for Bowa Polska Sp. z o.o. 
- High storage unit at the "Panattoni Park Mysłowice” logistics center for Panattoni Eastern Poland Management Sp. z o.o.  

Logistics centers

- "Panattoni Park Poznań II" logistics center in Żerniki near Poznań for Panattoni Poland Sp. z o.o. 
- "Panattoni Park Gliwice I" logistics center in Gliwice for Panattoni Eastern Poland Management Sp. z o.o. 
- "Panattoni Park Robakowo" logistics center in Robakowo near Poznań (currently at the design stage) for Panattoni Poland Sp. z o.o. 

Office facilities

- Expansion of the existing office facility for Bowa Polska Sp. z o.o. 
- Office facility at the "Panattoni Park I" logistics center in Gądki near Poznań for Panattoni Poland Sp. z o.o. 
- Office facility at the "Panattoni Park Kraków" logistics center in Skawina for Panattoni Eastern Poland Management Sp. z o.o. 
- Office facility at the "Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała" logistics center in Bielsko-Biała for Panattoni Eastern Poland Management Sp. z o.o.  

Housing facilities

- The "Osiedle Przy Parku" estate, consisting of single-family and semi-detached housing units, in Komorniki near Poznań for Konimpex-Invest S.A.
- "Nad Cybiną" residential building at ul. Wyszyńskiego in Poznań for Konimpex-Invest S.A.
- "Ogrody Naramowickie A" housing estate at Naramowice in Poznań – stage A for Konimpex-Invest S.A.
- "Pod Kasztanami" housing estate at ul. Górki in Poznań (until a valid building permit is obtained) dla Konimpex-Invest S.A. 
- "Ogrody Naramowickie B" housing estate at Naramowice – stage B (until a valid building permit isobtained) for Konimpex-Invest S.A.

The project management company
Project Management

Project Management plays a key role in the successful realization of your facility. A proper management of the project, including comprehensive planning, selection of reliable participants for the construction process (designers, contractors, construction site inspectors) and a continuous supervision of the realization process, result in the project being realized within the expected deadline and budget.

Our project management services include:

- organizing the project planning and execution process
- participating in the project planning
- preparing the project schedule and budgeting
- preparing and negotiating contracts with the participants of the planning and execution process
- selecting the design company
- obtaining the necessary documents, permits and administrative decisions
- supervising the project execution
- selecting the general investor
- supervising work progress
- verifying and updating the construction costs
- coordinating the building site inspectors’ work
- participating in the construction board
- inspecting the implemented changes
- participating in the partial acceptance procedures and managing the final acceptance procedure
- verifying faults elimination process

Designs and interior decorating

We realize construction and detailed designs for industrial, storage, office and residential facilities.

Our design services include:

- concept designs
- architectural designs
- construction designs
- power and electricity installation designs
- low-voltage installation designs
- sanitary and heating installations designs
- ventilation and air conditioning installation designs
- green areas designs
- interior decorating
- property condition surveys

Project supervision

Project supervision in practice means acting as the investor’s representative at the construction site. Its aim is to check the execution of the project against the design, legal regulations and current standards and rules of technical knowledge. Project supervision is particularly important for significantly complex projects. 

Our project supervision services include:

- projects supervision for all branches of the industry
- partial acceptance management
- final acceptance management
- confirmation of the extent of works performed
- inspection of the construction’s accounts
- project’s architect supervision

Please contact us, we will be glad to meet with you and discuss your project.

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